At present, human beings have reached the apex each and every kind of developments. From entertainment to education- the only sky is the limit for us to be achieved. Technological advancements have made our life smoother, easier and hassle free. Health sector also receives the blessings of the progress of medical science. Smarter people prefer to use smart devices always on the go.

After a through observation, a team of scientists has invented a device which looks similar to a smartphone but functions differently. This particular smart phone has been made to detect male infertility by analyzing the sperm eminence.

Those days had gone when women were blamed for infertility, and they had to carry the allegation for entire life. Male partners are also not always productive. That is why it is recommended for both men and women to get an infertility test done. This test will reveal that whether the couple will be able to have a child or not? Sperm quality, sperm production and transport are the main reasons behind male infertility.

Thanks to the new technology as men can check the health of their sperm by themselves.

This smartphone is device highly affordable and time saver for busy persons. In a nutshell, it is more like pregnancy test kits for men. This device can scrutinize the video of an unadulterated and unwashed semen sample within five seconds!

It is yet to come out for ordinary people as few more tests need to be done by the researchers.

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