According to a new research report, strength training exercises tend to reduce about 23 percent risk of premature death and 31 percent reduction of cancer-related death. The research, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology was conducted with 80,306 healthy adults for a period of two years, maneuvering the influential factors like age, sex, educational level, behavior, and lifestyle.

The report showed that the strength training exercises, performed with the body weight of an individual gave equally effective results as gym-based fitness training.

According to the Associate Professor of the University of Sydney, Australia, Emmanuel Stamatakis, the research bears testimony to the fact, that any form of physical exercise, that boosts up the muscular strength of an individual is equally effective as aerobics, cycling or jogging.

Whenever people consider strength training activities, the only thing which comes in their mind is to hit the gym. However, the fact is that the free hand classic exercises, like sit-ups, push-ups, triceps dips at their own home or an open is offers the same health benefits, including reducing the risks of death from cancer. So, forget the additional expenses of joining a gym. Engage in classic strength training exercises, to increase your longevity.

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