Stress and anxiety has been a constant companion for people of this generation. Everyone has to deal with their own anxiety and stress issues. Although these don’t apparently show any effect in our body there can be a long-term impact on human health staying from nervous as well as cardiovascular problems. Hence it has been a modern trend to take up various physical and mental well-being activities to reduce stress and anxiety.

Many people hit the gym knowing the fact that exercise helps to distract people from their anxiety issues and help people concentrate on their body and mind for better mental and physical health. New research has suggested that people performing a rigorous exercise like weight training and resistance exercise have lesser known health issues than those who don’t perform any workout.

The data was analyzed by experimenting on 922 participants who were treated to do resistance exercise or to be completely inactive. Resistance workout is related to the reduction in anxiety and stress symptoms. This has however irrespective of people having mental health problems or not.

However, the result of stress relief and anxiety reduction was seen more in people have no physical or physiological disorders. Brett Gordon, who is a physical education and sports researcher at the University of Limerick in Ireland, said that though the positive effect of physical exercise on mental health is well known and established that is majorly on aerobics and not on weight training.

He also added that Resistance exercise training (RET) not only reduces stress and anxiety level in normal healthy participants but also in those with physical and mental health issues. Another research has also suggested that resistance training reduces the shrinkage in the white matter of the brain.

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