Breast cancer has spread like wildfire in this generation, and according to doctors of Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai the rate of survival is lowest in India. They have also connected the disease with lifestyle patterns in urban areas. Not only urban areas but several semi-urban areas across Maharashtra also reportedly have a high number of breast cancer patients in comparison to rural areas.

Data analyzed from hospital register on cancer patient history have shown no increase in the number of patient in rural areas in past 25 years whereas those from the urban area has changed from 8 per 1, 00,000 to 15 per 1, 00,000. This data was a key point of highlight in the TMH to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in November.

Cancer has always been linked to specific food habits, lifestyle and environment facts but now scientist and doctors have added the effect of rapid lifestyle changes and sedentary living styles with changes in food habits for the rise in breast cancer numbers.

Don’t we all want to get urbanized more and more? Breast cancer is the risk we pay for it. The more the degree of urbanization, the higher are the chances of getting affected. Due to more availability of scopes, human resources, and food, people have a sedentary lifestyle and irregular diet in urban areas.

According to Dr. Rajendra Badwe the situation in the rural area is same regarding breast cancer number, and hence the model of living in the rural area is much more efficient. But doctors and scientist are yet to get a notion of the facts that trigger the cells to get cancerous but have attributed the primary reason to be westernized living.

Dr. Vinay Deshmane, director, Mumbai Cancer Registry said that in spite of being certainly proved, the cause of cancer, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, late marriages have been co-related to increased risk of breast cancer.

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