The respectable prime minister, Narendra Modi has come up with this news for the married IPS IAS and the IFS. This Valentine’s Day was a day that brought a good change in the service rules of these officers. Initially, there were no such definite rules which could be satisfying for the spouses of the personnel’s of the Indian Administrative Service or any other civil service. But on this 14th, Mr. Modi declared that the servicemen could opt for a home cadre.

This was thought to be decided after a case from 2011. IAS officer P Parthiban tied the know with one of his colleagues from the same batch named Nisha. Nisha hailed from Delhi. As per the civil service rules bars from allocating officers in the respective home state. However, this couple cited for common cadre making their wedding as the base ground for applying the notice.

This entire case had been received by the committee and was studied thoroughly. The inter-cadre transfer was not within the guidelines of the UPSC Committee. However, with dignitaries working on this, the certain conclusion was approved by the committee finally. The panel has put forward the entire detailed information to the Appointment of Cabinet (ACC) headed by Modi.

After the UPSC conducts the examination to choose the final candidates, the guidelines are well laid. The candidate needs to choose cadres that he wants to join. Thus, it has been concluded that if the officer cannot opt for the definite home cadre, he can choose the next cadre from the application.