Physiotherapy is a branch of modern medication where the combined effect of medicine, tools and physical activities increase the body mobility and functionality of human beings who use it. It has been extensively used for several patients who have been in a coma and nonmobile for long, as well as people whose body parts or part are not able to move naturally and even to sports persons to increase their flexibility. It should be spread through awareness by extending the service in various branches of orthopedics, cardiovascular diseases, and neurology and cancer treatment.

On the occasion of World Physiotherapy day celebrated on September 8, EC member of the AP Physical Therapists Association P. Sai Charan Varma said that physiotherapy use can be extended by penetrating it in several fields. The key role of physiotherapy is to increase the mobility and functionality of different body parts. Physiotherapy can be used by people of all ages and have the most benefit for pain relief and disease prevention.

Some cases, where the body movement is reduced or hindered due to the immobility of the body parts as caused by strokes can be symptomatically treated with physiotherapy where the patients feel liveliness and vibrations through tools and limb movements systematically. Dr. Verma also suggested that the use of physiotherapy should be extended to geriatrics and post natal health care. However, the benefits of these services should be used by aged people as they need to maintain health as older age. Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day arranged a free physiotherapy camp which was a part of the awareness program.

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