The United States of America’s space agency NASA has released its software catalogue for 2017-2018. The software is absolutely free of cost for the common people without any royalty or copyright fees. This is not the first time that NASA has released such a compilation, but this is for the third time NASA has done so.

The software contains a lot of minute and detailed information about space, launching of rockets and various other technical guides. The associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, Steve Jurczyk has stated that this catalogue of software is NAASA’s very own way of supporting and promoting the innovation economy.

This is done by letting the common people to have access to all the tools that are being used by the top notch professionals and entrepreneurs of aerospace in the recent times, various other small scale businesses and industries as well.

By granting access to these software, codes will have the capability to generate some benefits that are tangible which in turn helps in the creation of jobs in America, earn lots of revenue and ultimately save lives. This step taken by NASA is bound to do good for the common people.

The primary intention of NASA behind this release of the software is to make the general people aware and educated about all the technical specifications that would prove to be extreme help in the present and definitely in the years to come.