Researchers have found that at age of thirty, one can easily learn the new languages because brain works actively at this age. They researched on woman who cannot learn a single word of her mother tongue but after some months of training, she performed first grade of proficiency. Bain is very flexible and it shows wonderful result.

The exterior part of brain cortex which is capable of adopting new things performs well, but this time it did not do this, instead it is done by the interior part of the brain which is just like a walnut and provides information about sensory happenings. Researchers have found that more signal combinations and improved reading skills of women have a very close connection.

There may be implications for the treatment of dyslexia, which some researchers have blamed on the thalamus in the malfunction. Students have the capacity to learn better that is why they can perform better in all learning procedures. Unless it becomes difficult to learn our new language, it is easy for us to learn to read it. The adult brain proves to be astoundingly flexible.

Due to this research, we come to know that thalamus can be modified in a few months of training. Due to this knowledge, our researchers are finding a way to increase the level of study at any age so that woman who is dedicated to reading in the country with an illiteracy rate of almost 39 percent, can have improved experience through this research.

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