Coffee has been a favourite refreshment to many people across the globe but not all aware of its impact on our kidney. Do you know that it’s a boon to have as much as coffee as you can as it helps you to avoid deadly kidney ailments? Results of a study describe that an increase in coffee intake can lower our risk of dying from kidney disease by 24%. Not only that, people with second and third quartile of coffee consumption are also supposed to get benefits from kidney damage and mortality risk as much as 12% and 22% respectively.

We all want to live longer. Now know the easy steps to it and recharge your cup with warm coffee as there has been an inverse dose-dependent association between caffeine and mortality.

Miguel Bigotte Vieira from Centro Hospitalet Lisboa Norte, in Portugal, has given a simple suggestion to increase their intake of caffeine to avoid CKD problems and reduce mortality. This is a more convenient and healthier option for kidney patients who might also have some issues related to food. But Vieira added that clinical trials are essential for any specific declaration which was carried out among 2328 patients.

However, the clinical trial reports can only claim the positive effect of caffeine intake and its protective effect on CKD but don’t claim to have the reducing power of death rates in CKD.

So fill your cup with a warm coffee as it has anti-diabetic effects as well according to reports of American Chemical Society Journal of Natural Products.

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