Microsoft has always kept on allowing innovations for its users. With the different promotional applications and the different user-friendly upgrades, the customers of Microsoft are well in love with all its applications. With the increase in globalization, Indian people have spread across the world. In this process, the natives of the globalized Indian wants to talk them through the internet. The scenario has changed, and that is what Microsoft has taken into consideration.

Microsoft has taken up Skype to get sorted for some lower ends smartphone. There are people in India who still used a less priced smartphone and will want to use applications to connect to their near and dear ones. Skype Lite was created for this particular connection, and more importantly, it has received a good answer from the people.

The features in this particular version are precisely the space of the application which is amazing in this. Skype Lite would take only 15mb space on the phone and is ideal for any low-priced smartphone. It helps the people to use it the same way they want to in the previous one. It also allows an Aadhar integration. This will help in proving your identity and will make it safer for you.

It is a default dialer app, and therefore you can use it as calling without any definite procedure of login. The only fault that lies in this aspect is the unavailability of the GIF images or rightly called the animated images. However, the G enabled India is actually enjoying this version of Skype which has enabled Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, and Urdu.

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