Defence Minister Manohar Parikar officially commissioned Avani Chaturvedi, Bhavana Kanth, and Mohana Singh into the Indian Air Force Fighter Squadron thus breaking the boundaries for the first time.

Old Tales

As the trio’s training came to an end, Avani Chaturvedi, Bhavana Kanth, and Mohana Singh were the prime focus in the concluding parade after the training. In fact, they will be the first female fighter pilots of India who will be able to fly fighter jets like Sukhoi and Tejas after getting over with their Stage III training at Bidar, Karnataka.

Avani Chaturvedi hails from Satna, Madhya Pradesh and she was driven by the inspiration received from her brother who used to be a part of the Indian Army. The sky was the limit for her since childhood, and she started her journey towards the sky by joining the Flying Club of her college. As another continuing family legacy, Mohana Singh, from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan followed the trail of her grandfather, who used to be a Flight Gunner in the Aviation Research Centre and her father as well, who was in the Indian Air Force.

However, as an entirely different example, Bhavana Kanth from Darbhanga, Bihar although a daughter of an officer of the Indian Oil Corporation, aspired to fly planes since her childhood and even chose fighter stream subsequent to her Stage I training.

All three of the ladies were very much excited after getting commissioned into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron and said that they were able to fulfill their childhood dreams of flying fighter planes due to the strong support from their families. Their families had encouraged them from the very beginning to keep going on with their passion of conquering the skies by flying fighter jet planes.

In fact, they also expressed that the painstaking and meticulous training schedule did not vary for them and was similar to that of the male counterparts. They had to put on full efforts in their training and faced the tough challenges with utmost tenacity, dedication, and perseverance. Their efforts paid off as they became the maiden female fighter pilots of the IAF fighter squadron.

Relevant Facts

The Indian Military embarked upon a historical accomplishment after the commissioning of the three females into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron as this will be the first time that ladies will be leading in the combat front. The Government of India had already proposed to allow women into the fighter stream as a pilot basis for a period of five years. However, the Indian Army and Navy are yet to join the IAF genre in this regard because of certain restrictions in the logistics and operational domains.

Present Tales

There is still some time left for them to finally start full-fledged flying in the sky in the fighter jet planes. This is because they have to first undergo and complete superior training in the highly developed jet trainer Hawks for another 145 hours in a year after which, they will ultimately get to conquer the cockpit of the superb supersonic fighter planes.

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