Sonali Banerjee, 40, is a Merchant Navy Officer, representing India. She is the first female, qualified, officer of her kind. She had started her journey, while working for all the oil tankers, after graduating from the Marine Engineering Research Institute. Sonali’s work experience in the oil tanker industry had helped her to attain the position of a Merchant Navy Officer, that too one of a kind.

Sonali Broke The Shackles And Led To A New Journey

Among 1500 students or cadets, approximately, passing out of the institute, Sonali Banerjee has made a record as the first female Merchant Navy Officer. India has been facing a lot of issues with the taboo of giving women some responsibility and this time, Sonali broke the shackles and led to a new journey.

A Sneak Peek Into Her Life

A sector of work in which women are the rarest element, to be found, Sonali is an inspiration to many. She was the first girl to have graduated from the esteemed marine engineering college and she has steered her life in the right direction. Sonali intends on bagging the chief’s post within a short time of four to five years and she intends on taking her position seriously and gives her fellow women engineers or people who intend on being a merchant navy, something to get motivated by.

India Took The Country 52 Years To Find The Perfect, Female Merchant Navy Officer

The licensed marine engineer’s badge, which she had been handed with, gives Sonali immense responsibility to sail through the International, as well as Indian waters. She can even take charge of any vessel, which can be of unlimited horsepower and tonnage at any operation level. Apparently, internationally this had been a common practice, but for India, it took the country 52 years to find the perfect, female Merchant Navy Officer.

What Makes Her Special?

Sonali’s devotion towards the field and her hard work had yielded her the title of the first ever female Merchant Navy Officer. But, what remains a mystery is the fact that in this time and age, why is this still a topic of discussion? What makes Sonali so special? But the thing is, as mentioned earlier, it took India 52 years to accept one of its female members to become a Merchant Navy Officer. The pedantic ideology of the patriarchal society has the lead for people to believe that no women are capable of such a responsibility. Hence, Sonali’s incredible victory allows everyone to draw inspiration and make important changes towards the way; women are being treated while they are being handed over with important job designation.

Image Source: Viral Indian Diary