India is heading to become a world leader in the field of space, on 15th of February 2017, ISRO has already shown its strength by launching 104 satellites in one go out of which 101 satellites were of foreign origin. ISRO chairman A S Kiran Kumar is right to comment that what is striking is that we will recover nearly fifty percent of cost of Indian satellite by launching foreign satellites while speaking to media recently before launch on 15th Feb 2017.

There is a reason to believe this statement of ISRO chairman because we have taken a big leap ahead to prove our might in the field of space. By accommodating the foreign country’s satellite in our launch will definitely lower the cost of satellite launch of our country’s program. The recent successful launch will not only boost our satellite program but also gain confidence of other countries to take advantage of our future launching programs of satellites.

Thus in the coming years nothing can stop India becoming the world leader in the field of satellite launch. It is very good news to the whole country that our scientist of ISRO are doing a tremendous work and bringing laurel to the country. All appreciations go to untiring work and devotion of our great scientists of ISRO who has many reasons to celebrate their success.

Last but not the least it is big news that by launching foreign countries satellites along with our launching program will definitely lower the cost to a great extend and give impetus to our program.

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