Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has recently launched 104 satellites in a single launch which is World record and if a professor of that organization says something it means. Dr Sivathanu Pillai in his speech during elaborating future plans of ISRO said that by 2030 India will be able to meet all its energy requirements from the resources available on the Moon.

He categorically said this while delivering the valedictory address at the three day ORF- Kalpna Chawla space policy dialogue, organized by Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

Professor Pillai in his speech said that mining lunar dust which is very rich in Hiluim3 is the priority of ISRO. He further stated that even though other counties of the world are also working on this, the presence of Helium is so much in the Moon that the requirement of energy of whole world can be met.

He further said that ISRO is working on this project for mining the lunar dust producing energy and transporting it to the Earth. What we need is the creation of low cost access to the Moon and developing multipurpose and reusable space vehicles to achieve this goal and ISRO is meticulously working on this.

There is a reason to believe that this dream will come true by 2030 because our Scientists have shown their capabilities to the whole world and achieved their goals as set. If this is achieved nothing can stop India becoming World power in the days to come.