If only the houses could work on command, like the ones given over a phone call. But somehow, this too has been made possible because of ZeroTouch, the app would now have Alexa included in it, for people to give their smart homes, their smart commands.

Alexa is an Amazon creation that would help people to give commands and can be used to manipulate the various features that come along with it, while ZeroTouch, is Logitech’s genius idea of making people concentrate while they are driving. In a recent collaboration, it is being said that ZeroTouch will include the app, Alexa.

The benefits of having Alexa in ZeroTouch is that people can command their smart homes, from their car and this way they can start the air-conditioning, the heater, and even various other such features, that would make a living a lot easier. This becomes the very first, mainstream way of accessing the voice technology from one’s automobile.

Most companies are working to incorporate this particular feature, a special shout out to Ford, and they would launch the technology, by the end of this year. Although, one downside is that it would require for one to buy a new car, to access this feature. According to Aaron Brown, who is the chief of Amazon Alexa, he explains as to how pivotal the voice technology will play in the lives of people, which is also true to the people who are driving their smart car, in this new age. Thus, they are more than excited with this collaboration.

Image Source: logitech