Today in the world of smart phones, you will find everyone talking about screen protection from dust, heat, water, scratch and other oily substances. There is always a debate between what is better – Gorilla Glass or Tempered Glass. Let us find out which is a better type of glass.

Those who are not familiar with technology may find this discussion unnecessary and useless. The discussion is endless, but it is really important to find out what is the exact difference between the both. First, it is important to understand what the basic use of a screen protector is. The basic use of a screen protector is to safeguard your screen from dust, scratch, and transmit light and to give you a better touch experience.


It is a multilayered screen protector made by heating the glass at high temperature and the cooling it suddenly. This makes the glass hard to break as compared to normal glass. The bottom layer of the glass is of absorbent silicon, PET film and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleo phobic coating so as to make display better and smooth. Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal glass.


It is a brand of specialized tough glass manufactured and developed by corning. It is a tin layer of glass used in smart phones and other portable electronic devices in order to protect them from damage.


After the brief description about Gorilla glass and tempered glass, now let us find out the difference between them:

1. Gorilla glass was manufactured by Corning, USA whereas Tempered glass was made by small Chinese companies.

2. Gorilla glass is available in different versions; on the other hand the quality and price of tempered glass differs with the manufacturers.

3. Gorilla glass is used as a glass cover for various portable electronic devices where as Tempered glass is a protective cover for smart phones.

4. Most of the new smart phones come with Gorilla glass; on the other hand, you need to get tempered glass fixed to your phone.

5. Both protect the phone from scratch and damage but it is tempered glass which is thicker than gorilla glass.

6. Gorilla glass cannot be replaced where as tempered glass can be replaced whenever it gets damaged.

7. The price of the phone is inclusive of gorilla glass whereas the price of tempered glass varies according to the quality.


So which is a better choice? Gorilla glass or tempered glass? The debate is endless some find tempered glass better as it is detachable and can be replaced whereas others find gorilla glass better. There are even people who prefer using tempered glass protection on their gorilla glass.

All we need to remember is that smart phones are expensive so it is important for us to handle them with utmost care. So, do whatever it takes to keep your smart phones safe as debates will not get your phones repaired after damage.