Several types of research on the longevity of life-based on gene studies have shown that more we learn, the more is our brain conscious and increase our lifespan in turn.

 How often do we want to leave school or college? But do you know that with every year more in studies, one year is added to our lifespan? Well, that indeed is an interesting fact to look upon. But what intrigues us more that not only lack of education but lack of fitness also causes a decrease in lifespan.

With every extra kilogram of weight they carry, overweight people lose their lifespan by two months. Scientists from Edinburg have studied the impact of genetic information on the lifespan of people depending on record of their parent’s lifespan as we share half of their genetic information with each of our parents. Are you aware of the fact that certain habits, like alcohol consumption and addiction, are influenced to our DNA and hereditarily changes?

There are several other factors among them cigarette smoking and habits associated with lung cancer that is most eligible to shorten our lifespan. When coming to physical health, body fat and diabetes linked to it majorly control our lifestyle and hence our lifespan. Other research reports have also suggested the link between genes that affect blood cholesterol levels which in turn reduces lifespan by eight months. However counterfeiting the negative impact gene, another immunity boosting gene has been discovered which adds to our lifespan by half a year.

Dr. Peter Joshi, Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburg has evaluated the different effect of lifestyle on our longevity which was published in Nature communication.

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