Though a mother gives birth to a child, carries the kid for nine months and bears the pain but father’s diet also plays a major role in balancing a child’s diet.  Research studies have been claimed that a reasonably higher contribution of protein and lower in carbohydrate in the diet makes a child healthier.

The research was conducted on fruit flies and the result showed that offspring were healthy for fathers who consumed more of protein and less of fat and carbohydrate were more likely to survive. But one may think that how does it correlate with the human being? This is because of the matching of 60 percent of the gene with fruit flies.

We have always considered the diet of a conceiving mother to be important and properly maintained but recent studies have been shown to give equal importance on a father’s diet too so as to make a child healthy. Research conducted at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio has been seen to mate with female fruit flies with an alteration in the diet with positive effect.

The studies have elaborated that how a man who wants to become a father should transfer their diet into healthier options consisting of meat, fish, vegetable, and fruits in turn of pasta, processed foods, rice and starchy and carbohydrate foods. Professor Michal Polak has revealed that though a female diet is essentially important and the link between the baby and mother is obvious, but surprisingly a paternal diet has been equally necessary for the newborn.

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