Depression is a psychological disorder which affects any person at any age without any prior symptoms. It is a known as a silent killer and mental health can be worse hit due to this. Research reveals that 70 million of Indian population is affected by depression of one level or other various age groups across the society.

A superstition is prevalent in the rural and semi-urban society of India regarding mental illness and people considered any type of mental health defect as madness and things of asylum to be the only solution. This situation can be averted only be proper education and awareness. Several cases across India are seen where students of young age commit suicide stating reasons of depression and anxiety. Anxiety is a tremendous pressure created in mind and which in turn results in depression.

Research has shown depression to be the major reason for suicidal cases in urban areas where this trend is increasing at a fast pace. Urban dwellers are seen to have a reduced mental health in comparison to rural people as indicated by different research trends. This fact has been quite alarming a various association has tried to reach the young mass and raise funds so as to spread awareness among common mass.

The societies plan for several ground activities, mental health camps bringing mental health care professionals and collaborating with several NGOs who deal with mental health support by counseling of individuals in various spheres of life.

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