Air pollution has been a distinct menace in our lives in this generation and along with respiratory problems it has started affecting the kidney functioning as well. A look into global reports for CKD attributed to fine particulate matters in the air has risen to 10.7 billion.

The association of fine particulate matter in the air caused by the increase in air pollution has a direct link with the chronic kidney disease (CKD) which has been earlier reported by Benjamin Bowe from the Clinical Epidemiology Centre at the VA Saint Louis Health Care System in the US.

Scientists have followed the Global Burden of Disease study methodologies which have an estimation of more than 10.7 million people to be under CKD coverage. But are you aware of the disease and the intrinsic factors causing it. The burden of CKD measured epidemiologically was attributed to increased air pollution, and the load is variable with the geography of the place.

But it’s not only CKD that is on the rise but also Mesoamerican nephropathy that has an increased occurrence in different geographical locations. Fine particulate matters are responsible for the increase in CKD.

According to Scientist Bowe, the explanation for the increase in these kidney and neural diseases can only be obtained through the proper analysis of the reason for air pollution and its proper control.

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