Knowing about the different profession, why did the Jeanette Epps think of becoming an astronaut? Well, this is what the lady said that in one of her interviews. Jeanette Epps is the first black astronaut chosen by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. She was chosen as an essential crew member of the International Space Station 2018.

She concluded by stating that this feeling of her is something very similar to follow the footsteps of the woman she had always followed to achieve this success. However, there were other black crew members who had stayed for a shorter time, Epp is probably the first one to spend a good amount of time at the station. Moreover, she is the only female and American crew member who will be working in the Soyuz Spacecraft amongst Russian and men.

She had stated something interesting in her speech to a group of STEM students at her Syracuse alma mater. In brief, she claimed that if something broke somebody, he/she needs to move out to cope it. Most importantly there is a need for being a jack of all trade. It is important about walking through the parameters.

She has had quite an experiencing career before being chosen as a crew member in the space station. She was a Research Projects fellow in NASA. She was an active participant in writing journals and conference articles. After her graduation, she worked in the research lab for two years. Later of this, she was recruited as an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. It is where she worked for seven years before she was chosen as a member of the astronaut class in 2009.

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