Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is now widespread across this generation. But not only is it related with metabolism disturbance, but also with the emotional draining of the patients. According to a study report of a charity organization, people with diabetes are mostly emotionally disturbed, but the sad part lies with the fact not being recognized or studied much about.

 Around 8,500 were studied about their lifestyle and emotional conditions in the UK which showed the result of being 3 out of 5 feeling pity about their conditions. But how far these terms of health affect one’s work life? The report shows that it has some 16% people who felt discriminated in their work whereas some other 7% didn’t even feel to share their conditions with peer groups and colleagues. These conditions of emotional drenching related to diabetes have been found due to lack of understanding of the health issues of patients by others which resulted from frustration, stress, and anxiety among them.

Several bitter experiences being shared by real times sufferers have shown people discriminating patients regarding their physical capability for a work and are being made to feel low at different points of time.

According to study reports in the UK, every 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes, and one diagnosis changes a person’s view of life and their view towards their health.

Diabetes is a condition where one’s blood sugar goes excessive high either due to metabolism disorder and obesity or due to insufficient insulin production. Type 1 does not depend on lifestyle effects and can come at any age whereas type 2 is lifestyle dependent and aggravated on being obese and occurs in adults.

Chris Askew, chief executive of Diabetes UK, mentioned in a report that diabetes management is related to maintain the emotional balance of person and should be taken care of.

Image Source: financialtribune.com