Alcohol is one of the leading addictive agents in the world with the industry spread across the world and ever growing. Alcohol and health have an inverse relation and industries have always tried to persuade people to foresee the negativities in consumption of alcoholic beverages and allowing them to indulge more. Now there has been blaming and justification that alcohol industries are misleading and misrepresenting people by downplaying the actual facts regarding the risk of cancer in alcohol consumption especially breast cancer.

A British team including supervisors for findings regarding alcohol beverages have disclosed that alcohol companies and some bodies like “responsible drinking” funded by them have rejected the fact that alcohol causes cancer. They have been blamed to distort and forge the data present in view of the link between cancer and alcohol and represent and moderate people to believe otherwise. Though the bodies formed by alcohol industries have the key role as socially responsible entities, yet they are found to be the major contributors in distracting people from the fact about alcohol having well-established roles in causing cancer.

The motto framed by these so called socially responsible entities is: denial, distortion, distraction” is similar to those promoted by cigarette companies. These are used as bowel and breast cancers are most effective and wide spread in Britain. According to Professor Mark Petticrew from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, alcohol industries seemed too high misleading and caused extensive misinterpretation of the data regarding link of cancer with alcohol consumption.

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