According to a recent study published in the Information Systems Journal, smartphone addiction can wreak havoc on the personal and social lives of the younger generation as well as the adults of the modern times. Too much of smartphone usage can lead to several disorders such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, shyness, impulsivity and lack of self-esteem as well.

As stated by Isaac Vaghefi, Assistant Professor at the Binghamton University-State University of New York, the excessive eagerness to get the swift response, feedback and attention owing to the very nature of the virtual world is gradually affecting the human minds in such a manner that they are forgetful of the actual nature of the reality.

This happens because of the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the nerve cells of the brain that inculcate the feeling of ‘quick satisfaction.’ Therefore, often not being able to withstand the opposing nature of reality, people are taking the escape route through the social media and other forms of technology through the smartphone.

The results came out as parts of research conducted by taking 182 college students who were advised to note down their overall smartphone usage on a regular basis. Based on the results, they were divided into ‘thoughtful, regular, highly engaged, fanatic and addict.’ Almost 7% of them came out to be ‘addicts’ of smartphone and 12% smartphone ‘fanatics.’

These two groups face lots of personal and social issues in their lives as well. The female folks were found to be more prone to addiction. Hence, if anyone feels restless in the absence of smartphone and slowly starts behaving weirdly, then professional help must be sought at the earliest.

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