Obesity is a disease which slowly creeps into a person’s life if uncared and unnoticed and creates havoc then after. Several terms like healthy obese can be heard quite often which signifies that even somebody is on the side of being obese, their organs are working properly as through medical examination.

But what can be seen apparently is not always true and from within the disease might have created destruction for our organs. Wold health organization has given a grievous data of about 1.9 billion people across the world to be a victim of obesity in the year 2014.

Every year around 2.8 million people die due to obesity-related complications. Research published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology has pointed out that though obese people may be unaffected by diabetes, hypertension and other elements, still they are at a high risk for cardiovascular-related problems and chances of heart failure. Obese people are said to have 96% more chances of being a victim of heart ailments as related to normal people according to research published in the journal.

Reputed author from the University of Birmingham, Rishi Caleyachetty has mentioned that it may not be true that obese people are always affected by metabolic-related syndromes but that not prevent them from being at the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart failure.

Hence obese people in spite of being free if metabolic disorders are encouraged to reduce weight and maintain their Body mass Index beyond obesity level so as to prevent them from cardiovascular diseases and premature death due to heart failure.

Image Source: youtube.com