Air pollution today poses a major threat to the whole world causing premature deaths and other health related problems. Premature deaths in India are increasing day by day, the reason is obvious for which Government of India may not agree, but the study carried out by the US based Institute in 2015 reveals that 1.1 million premature deaths took place in India due to Air pollution. Air pollution in India is worsening day by day, and it is surpassing China for the highest Air pollution health threat in the world

Recently study carried out by International bodies to ascertain “global exposure to air pollution and its diseases burden” noted that premature deaths in China due to dangerous fine particles present in air that is PM 2.5 have stabilized in recent years bringing down the casualties due to air pollution, where as in India it has risen very sharply.

The report also said that both India and China together are responsible to attribute half of the premature deaths taking place due to polluted environment all over world. The president of Health Effect Institute (HEI), the global research institute that designed and implemented the study says “The trend we report shows that we have seen progress in some parts of the world but serious challenges remain”.

The report noted that the highest concentration of PM 2.5 level found in South East Asia, China and western sub – Saharan Africa is due to house hold solid fuel used, coal fired power plants, open burning of agriculture and other wastes are the major contributor of air pollution.

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