Air pollution is a new menace across the globe. Millions of people in the world are in the grasp of dangerous air conditions as they are inhaling from an unhealthy polluted atmosphere.

According to World health organization reports, Reading is one of the worst places to live in due excessively low air quality. They tested from about 51 UK cities on air quality database where  44 out f 51 including reading have failed the test for WHO’S test for the fine sooty particle which is smaller than 2.5 microns which are majorly the cause of heart diseases and premature deaths.

WHO has set a standard of particulate matter of 2.5 microns not to exceed 10microgram per cubic centimeter of air. However, this amount has been higher in many British populations up to significant levels. Glasgow has been reported to have increased level of PM2.5 up to 16 micrograms per cubic meter. This was followed by London and Leeds with 15 micrograms per cubic meter each.

But how far are we aware of the number of death caused due to air pollution. Studies have shown as huge as 40,000 in the UK with 9,000 alone in London. Dr. Toby Hillman, one of the report’s authors from the Royal College of Physicians, mentioned that there had been no suggested safe limit for air pollution and it can ruin one’s life causing even date. This is a continuous life threat to humankind. The impacts of air pollution in different cities of UK are an ongoing process of major investigation which looks into the social and health-related impact of climate change.

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change reported that the global exposure to the dangerous level of air pollution caused due to ignition of fossil fuels have majorly increased from 11.2% in 1990 to where in more than 70% cities had exceeded the limit of WHO’s PM2.5 level.

Not only have air pollution caused a change in climate but it also led to increasing in the mosquito breeding and diseases related to it.

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