We are unaware of the air we inhale and what probability it has to destroy or body organs. Day by day air pollution across the globe is increasing and we are responsible for it. But how it slowly affects our body and destroys our organs is a cause of concern for all as it has been an issue much talked about but with nothing better being done.

New studies have revealed that air pollution is the latest cause of kidney disease in the human being. Research reports from American Society of Nephrology have revealed that a very minute level of air pollution has also the capability to cause kidney damage. Earlier it has been reported to cause ailments of heart, strokes, asthma, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and now kidney damage being a new addition to the list.

The mechanism of this effect of air pollution on our kidney has been described as follows that when people inhale polluted air, tiny droplets of pollutants and particulate matters get into the body through the respiratory system and gets admixed into the bloodstream. The function of the kidney is to filter the blood and while doing so, these particulate matters can be deposited in the kidney and get it damaged.

A very insignificant amount of air pollutant also has the capability to destroy the vital organs of our body like the lungs heart and kidney. Several experiments were conducted on US-veterans since 2004 where the air pollution level has measured along with kidney function of the people dwelling in the particular place for the measured air pollution. A grievous data was revealed saying that people staying in certain geographical areas of USA had a higher risk of cardiovascular and kidney diseases due to increased pollution.

Image Source: nextavenue.org