With the seventh pay commission, there was this bonanza in the salary package of the chief justice. In fact, the hike of UPSC Chairperson has been threefold from the previous salary. Thus as per the declaration by President Pranab Mukherjee, the proposal of hike in the salary of the chairperson and the members of UPSC has increased. The sum has been finalized to Rupees 2, 50,000 for the chairperson and around Rupee 2, 25,000 for the other members.

This hike has not only been activated in the Chairperson’s salary, but it has been affected to all central government employees. The increase has been for all as according to some senior officials.

A senior official said, “The monthly salary of these dignitaries has now been that of a Cabinet Secretary, and the other member’s monthly income is equivalent to the secretary level officer.” This is was pretty much elating and respecting to the people who serve in an important sector of the country.

In comparison to the dignitaries chosen by the meticulous test of Civil Service receives a salary of 90k. However, they too will be affected by this hike in the recent times.

With an addition to this salary hike, the commission declared that the equivalent percentage of increase would also be impacted in the pensions. In fact, the personnel who were previously serving this chair will get entitled to certain facilities. The members and the chairperson will be receiving the travel allowance, concessions, conveyance allowance and medical services. The norms suggest that this is a gesture to help the people who have been serving such important positions in the country.