Online shopping by using credit cards has become very common nowadays due to the digitalization and movement towards cashless transactions. However, with the increase of frauds and cyber crimes causing terrible financial losses caused to the commoners, the all and sundry today are getting anxious and scary about using credit cards for online transactions. The rates of credit card frauds are the highest and have escalated six-fold over the past three years leading to a probable 3, 00,000 figure in the future. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution while purchasing credit cards and also while doing transactions with the same.


Using credit cards for online shopping requires stringent security features to be incorporated within the credit cards. Reserve Bank of India has formulated uniform rules regarding credit card security for all the credit card companies although a customer must always be careful regarding the following points while proceeding to have a credit card:

1.    Apart from the credit limit, reward features and other gimmicky offers by the credit card companies, the customers must always make sure that the security features are strong for doing online shopping.

2.    No one should ever store passwords in the websites while doing online transactions. This is often done by many people to avoid the trouble of remembering and typing the passwords every single time, but this is worth it given the security threats posed by storing of passwords. The virtual attackers are always on the lookout for sensitive information, and if anyone gets hold of the system, the whole information gets exposed thereby enabling the unscrupulous people to undertake malicious practices.

3.    It is vital to use only secured website and mostly those having a ‘https’ added along with the website URL because this word suggests that the website is secured and free from phishing attempts. Moreover, there will be a lock sign or a ‘Verisign’ indicated on a website along with proper security guidelines that must be invariably followed by all.

4.    There are many fraudulent websites who keep sending promotional emails to the customers with alluring offers, but one should never fall into these traps because these are totally fake websites aimed at only stealing the credit card related information from the customers once they start transacting through the websites.

5.    It is advisable to avoid the use of public terminals such as cyber café or any Wi-Fi hotspot network while doing online transactions by using a credit card. This is because these are extremely vulnerable and unsafe and information on one terminal can easily be hacked by someone else to transact in some other terminal.

6.    In addition to these, using suitable safety guards for systems, laptops, mobiles, etc., refraining from entering PIN number and rather using CVV number followed by transaction password over the phone through OTP and applying for security alerts in the phones must be ensured by everyone who is trying to do online shopping with the help of credit cards.

Be it the real world or the virtual space, credit card information is always at risk of getting into the hands of third parties and therefore, one has to be extra vigilant while using the same.

Image Source: Oliver’s MARKETS