“Marriages are made in heaven”, a wonderful saying indeed. But how many of us have given it thought that after propaganda and merriment of a wedding, that two lives are involved with it??? Parents make it a duty to search for a good boy, a well off family and get their daughters married with their entire earnings, but at times the outcome of it is bitter and stressful and ends up in a horrible split.

1.    Fear of Getting Enslaved to Rituals Pertaining to Their Husband’s Family

The parents educate their daughters well and make them independent but once they are married they become enslaved to rituals pertaining to their husband’s family and in the long run they lose their very identity of existence. Some brave girls go beyond the boundaries and refuse to compromise with their careers and pay more importance to it. They take a brave step in their career but they would never venture to enter in to the trap of marriage, as they fear they would lose themselves in the journey.

2.    Fear of Being a Puppet to Their Husband and Their Families

When educated women get married they become puppets to their husband and their families just to avoid losing their reputation and to keep up their parent’s name. But parents at times fail to see that the girl loses her mind, body and soul when they are married to people who put a full stop to their career. In very rare cases, the boy is understanding and gives the girl all the freedom she needs and treats her equally but the majorities are career ruining and heart breaking.

3.    Fear of Getting Paralyzed by Mind and Soul

With the growth in modernization, the freedom of seeing their daughters at their liking and staying with their daughters even after marriage could be a groundbreaking trend. Women are in no way inferior to man, she has the same willpower, strength and integrity as that of a man. Then why not even nuptials are the same??? When modernization can change your outfits, it’s pretty sure that it can also change your lifestyle. Educated women these days have no fear to face any hurdle but when it comes to marriage they get paralyzed by mind and soul.

4.    Fear of Losing Their Careers, Identity and Self

Very few husbands have brought a change by making the woman an achiever. Such husbands are rare. Before getting married a woman is being bowled with so many thought and questions lingering in her mind, but when she begins the journey she sacrifices not only her career but everything just to make both ends meet. A leap of faith is all that a woman needs to shine and to show the world what a wonderful individual she can be. An educated woman is a strong pillar to the society and is an example of courage, talent, discipline and commitment. For it is said in the very holy bible, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”

Image Source: The Telegraph